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Posted By: SingsIrish Songs
08-Nov-99 - 07:49 PM
Thread Name: Philippa, need your expertise
Subject: RE: Philippa, need your expertise
Thanks Philippa,

I had other posts regarding my questions about the song "Isle of Inisfree", this I felt was a more specific question...

A friend of mine emailed me saying "Inis Fraoigh" would be the actual phrase meaning "Heathery Island" or more literally, "Island of Heather", but her Irish is very rusty and thus thought I should confirm this... What do you think?

Incidentally, Yeats seems to spell Inisfree with two "n"'s, and "heathery island" was the only explaination of the name I have come across. The books I can get my hands on just don't have enough background information.

I'll have to remember the use of the word "origins" in a thread title...hadn't thought to.

Thanks again!