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21-Nov-04 - 08:02 AM
Thread Name: BS: Musician Jokes
Subject: RE: BS: Musician Jokes
A tourist visiting Dublin stumbles upon a taxidermists shop, intriged he steps inside. after looking around for a bit he spots a stuffed rat for €10. as it was cheap enough he decided it would make an unusual souvieneir so he purchased it.

Walking down the street he glanced over his shoulder and noticed to his amusement 2 rats running along behind him. He continued.

About 10 mins later he again glanced over his shoulder to see several hundred rats running behind him. He continued.

By the time he reached the river Liffey, he again had a glance, only to find to his horror, that nearly every rat in the country was behind him. Realising it must be to do with his purchase, he took it out of the bag and flung it into the river, after which thousands of rats dived in after it and drowned instantly.

The tourist turned on his heels and marched straight back to the taxidermist, upon entering the shop, the taxidermist said, "Hello, you again. Is there a problem?"

"No" replied the tourist. " I was just wondering, you don't by any chance have any stuffed Banjo players do you"

(groan, Sorry)