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Posted By: PoppaGator
21-Nov-04 - 07:55 PM
Thread Name: Buying a 1971 D35 martin
Subject: RE: Buying a 1971 D35 martin
Hmmm -- I *know* haven't been playing enough over the years, and I suppose my guitar service record proves as much.

I'm ready (overdue, actually) for a refret job, but it'll be my first since '73 and only the second time ever. I got it checked out by a local luthier (who was once apprenticed to the guy who worked on my guitar last time), and he pronounced it to be in great shape -- neck nice and straight, fretboard OK.

He says he can refile the frets for a lower price than replacing them, but they're so badly worn down in a couple of places that I can't imagine taking all the other frets down that low to make everything even. Much as I'd prefer to economize, it looks to me that all-new frets would sit up higher and thus provide a longer-lasting solution. Any thoughts?

Besides the fret job (either replacement or refiling), all I really need are a new nut and saddle and a little varnish touch-up.