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22-Nov-04 - 05:46 PM
Thread Name: Sigma Guitars
Subject: RE: sigma guitars
I've got the Sigma DR 41, made in Japan, bought in 1982. I got it because after selling off a couple of Martins and Strats from my bar band/partying days when I was broke, I didn't think I was worth spending the money on for another Martin, since I was only playing for pleasure for myself, family & jamming with friends.

It's funny how my feelings have changed about this guitar over the years. When I bought it, my thoughts were "a cheap version of the Martin" even though I brought several folks into the shop to hear this guitar, and we all agreed it just seemed to good to be true for the price.

Nowadays, I realize I have a guitar every bit as good sound and action wise, as most Martins I've ever played, regardless of the model. Everybody who picks my Sigma up says that too, so I know it isn't just me trying to make myself feel better about buying the cheaper version of the Martin D41. And just like the best old Martins, mine's only gotten better with age. It is one sturdy bugger too. I finally broke down and bought a high end case for it about 10 years ago, when I decided me and this guitar would never be parting, and I needed to start treating it with the respect it deserved.

Mine has GORGEOUS sound, especially bright with a new set of strings, and especially for the sound it has for playing trad, bluegrass, walkin''s as good as anything I've ever played.

Grab that DR 41 and ignore all the "it's only a cheap Martin rip-off" talk. If you love the sound and action of it now, and it seems to be a guitar with personality and is structurally sound (you know, top matched to perfection, that sort of thing) to the point of the guitar seeming too good to be true, BUY IT! I guarantee it will age beautifully for you. You can tell some of these Sigmas are made by true artisans. If you are lucky enough to find one those, you'll only be more pleased with the brilliance of your purchase as time goes on!