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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
23-Nov-04 - 08:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: Taking the Beef out of Boveril
Subject: RE: BS: Taking the Beef out of Boveril
I was thinking "There's always 'Oxo Spread'." - and then it occurred to me I hadn't seen that in a long time.   

It looks like that's been discontinued too - but not everywhere. Apparently they still have it in South Africa - Oxo Spread 125g - The South African Food Shop

And while I was about it, I found this site from South Africa with some quite remarkable Wacky Sarnies, from all over the world, including Oxo Spread and Syrup. Though that one is quite conventional compared to this one on that same site: My mother's favourite is mashed sardines on white bread, with condensed milk poured over! " (That's from California...)

That looks a pretty interesting site actually, called Funky Munky. It includes stuff on South African Myths and Legends, and Traditional South African Recipes (including Elephant Stew!)