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Posted By: PoppaGator
23-Nov-04 - 06:16 PM
Thread Name: Strings and Things
Subject: RE: BS: Strings and Things
There are really two discussions here. I'm more interested in the mahogany/rosewood part (especially in regard to Martin dreads), and have a couple of questions to throw out:

1) Since the D-18 is plainer (less ornamentation) and cheaper than the 28 & 35, is/was mahogany considered inferior to rosewood, or perhaps just less expensive than rosewood? The comments above seem to describe the two alternatives as simply different, not so much one better than the other.

2) After the switch from increasingly rare and expensive Brazilian to Indian rosewood, is there more or less difference between the mahogany 18s and the rosewood 28/35s?

I won't even start asking questions about the various spruce-top alternatives, and the many combinations/permutations of tops with back-and-sides... Well, maybe later.