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Posted By: Amos
23-Nov-04 - 07:55 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Audacity: Very easy recording!
Subject: RE: Tech: Audacity: Very easy recording!

You need access to a directory on the web somewhere (meaning on a computer that is serving files for the world-wide web). You place the MP3s in that directory. This can be done with a FTP application. If you have a Mac it can be done by drag-and-drop.

Once you know the path to the MP3 files, you edit your web page with an HTML link that say <_href_=http_://URL_of_server/directory/mp3filename.mp3_>Name of Song

(You don't use those underscor4es -- I just put them in so the browser won't think the line above is supposed to be a link in thios post).

When someone looking at your web page clicks on such a link, the browser will send a message to the server indicated asking for the MP3 file to be sent, and it will start to download.