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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
23-Nov-04 - 08:27 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Rain & Snow / Cold Rain and Snow
Subject: Lyr Add: BACHELOR'S SONG
Several names, several versions, several tunes. Usually ends with the murder or death of the wife or she is whupped and left.
Benjamin Britten set it to music in his "Eight Folk Song Arrangements;" No. 1, Lord, I Married Me a Wife (from Sharp's verse).

One version that is different from the rest was sung by Mrs. Ollie Gilbert, Arkansas, 1959.

(The Holly Twig, Willow Green,
I Married Me a Wife, Rain and Snow)

When I was a bachelor, bold and young,
Courted a widow with a clattering tongue.
The kisses that I gave her was a hundred and ten;
I told her I'd marry her, but I didn't say when.

Monday morning I married me a wife,
Hoping to live a happy life.
She ripped, she tore, she cursed, she swore--
The like I never heard before.

Tuesday morning I went to the woods,
A-hoping that she'd prove good.
I cut me down a little willow green;
I believe it's as keen a one as ever I seen.

Wednesday morning I whipped her well.
I whipped her more than tongues can tell.
I told her that she's better not be;
The Devil would take her and take her for me.

Friday morning, the break of day,
There she lay, as cold as clay.
Roof and proof and a little patch of cane;
The Devil taken her off in a little shower of rain.

Bachelor's Song