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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
24-Nov-04 - 09:42 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Rain and Snow
Subject: RE: Origins: Rain and Snow
A complete mis-statement of my position. Good new recordings come out all the time- I welcome them, and purchase as my budget allows.

An orderly and usable Mudcat, not overloaded by redundant threads, should be a concern of everyone using the facilities. Many threads contain only material duplicated elsewhere in the system. These slow and impede a search for information.

Newcomers should be encouraged to use the Lyrics and Knowledge Search facilities to find out what information is already in the system, and to add their comments where they best fit.

'How to use' messages appear frequently, and it is evident that failure to use the facilities is not always the beginner's (or even oldtimer's) fault. Instructions on the Features page are superficial, and the FAQ section is not described at all. I doubt that newcomers even see it.

'New Thread' instructions ask that a Search be conducted, and state that it is best to post in threads that already exist, but seemingly attention is seldom paid to these suggestions. Everyone makes mistakes with an imperfect system, but one should try.