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Posted By: Roger the Skiffler
26-Nov-04 - 08:30 AM
Thread Name: BS: Musician Jokes
Subject: RE: BS: Musician Jokes
Man comes into a bar with an octopus under his arm He says to the barman," I'll bet you my $100 drinks tab he can play any musical instrument you like".
Barman says:" There's a piano over there, go ahead."
Guy puts the octopus on the stool, octopus flips up the lid, plays a few scales and then slips into an etude. Guy says: "Pay up". Barkeep says, "Wait a minute" and brings out a guitar from under the counter. Guy gives it to the octopus. Octopus tightens up the E-string, closes his eyes and plays a sweet fandango. "Pay up" says the guy. "Wait up" says the bartender and rummages in the lost and found box and comes up with a clarinet, hands it to the octopus. Octopus tightens the reed, has a go, not perfect but plays a couple of scales. Barkeep finally comes up with a set of bagpipes. Guy lays the octopus on the bar next to the bagpipes. Octopus looks them over, picks each pipe up in turn and lets it drop, squints at the bag. Guy gets nervous, says, "What's the matter, can't you play it?" Octopus says, "Play it? If I can figure out how to get its pyjamas off I'm gonna fuck it."