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Posted By: Jim Dixon
26-Nov-04 - 10:07 AM
Thread Name: Wanted: Songs for alcoholics!
Subject: Lyr Add: WHILE I WAS OUT A DRINKING (from Bodleian
I ran across this while looking for something else, and I found it so charming, I thought I'd add it here. If you want to sing it, I suppose you'll have to work up your own tune.

From Bodleian Library Broadside Ballads, Harding B 11(4149)

Pitts, Printer toy Warehouse 6 Grea[t] St Andrew streeter [sic], 7 Dials [London]
[between 1819 and 1844]

On Monday morning, I rose at eight
And in a queerish raking.
The over [?] night I'd been out late.
I found my head was aching.
"Old girl," says I, "I'm rather queer.
I feel my spirits sinking."
Says she, "I hope today, my dear,
You won't go out a drinking."

CHORUS: Whiddlem twiddlem, diddlee diddlem
Whacky ti wheedle, whoedle.

"Depend," said I, "by all above,
I mean to keep quite steady.
I'll go and have a cooler, love,
While you get breakfast ready."
But when I got unto the fleece,
I met my cousin Jenkin.
We had two goes of rum apiece.
Thinks I, this looks like drinking.

Now when I'm out upon the fly,
I never care for victuals.
Says I, "I know a ground just by.
Let's have a game at skittles."
But though he did begin to chaff,
I floor'd the pins like winking.
I won six pots of half-and-half
While I was out a drinking.

Now, having knock'd the pins about
For heavy and blue ruin,
My gentle creature found me out.
I heard the storm a brewing.
She said, while giving me such cracks
That set my eyes a winking,
"I'll sarve you out, my cock-o-wax,
For going out a drinking."

Misfortunes seldom comes alone,
And that you are aware of,
And so I think with me you'll own
That day I had my share of.
My nose had got a woeful knotch
And both my eyes were blinking.
Besides, some rascals stole my watch
While I was out a drinking.

But mark: my troubles didn't end
By losing of my ticker.
I in the station house got penn'd,
Being for the worse for liquor.
In a dirty hole they shov'd me down,
So dirty, dark and stinking.
Next morn, they made me drop a crown
For going out a drinking.

Now all you that take a drain at night,
Oh, take this friendly warning:
Keep out of the policemen's sight
Or you'll have to tip next morning.
But if you must go on the spree,
Away from business shrinking,
I wish you better luck than me
When you go out a drinking.