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Posted By: MMario
10-Nov-99 - 10:20 AM
Thread Name: Sale of DT intellectual property?
Subject: RE: Sale of DT intellectual property?
NOt very hard to prove whether or not he has stolen Dick and Susan's work. He is claiming that some of his tunes and his lyrics are in "Digital Tradition" format. So either this is false, or it is true. If true, then either it was with permission or without. Dick knows.

On, the director of a music project stepped in to defend this man, saying *he* among others had been contacted regarding this, (on a profit sharing basis) and that it was a legitimate project. So - it is POSSIBLE he has contacted Digital Tradition regarding this. However, in one case, it appears he is offerring profit-sharing, and in another he is claiming that cost of CD only covers cost of production. Mutually exclusive concepts.