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Posted By: John in Brisbane
28-Nov-04 - 06:53 AM
Thread Name: Chords from a MIDI?
Subject: RE: Chords from a MIDI?
Jammer Professional from is available as a free download. Its main function is to operate like Band-In-A-Box but it has a Chord Recognition facility which is excellent. HOWEVER it will only give results if there the chords are actually present in the MIDI file (putting it simplistically - if there is a rhythm track). Jammer Pro is fantastic for jazz and pop tracks with complex chords, but please remember the old GIGO maxim - the output is only as good as the quality of the input in the first instance.

Pavane's Chord Finder also does a very good job and has two distinct advantages, (1) the program searches over all MIDI channels to find simultaneous notes (chords) and (2) the output is much easier to copy and paste. Find it at

ABCMUS on the other hand analyses the notes in a given bar and uses some algorithms to calculate the most likely chord. Not too bad for folk or trad dance tunes but the resultant chords are limited to Major and Minor chords.

MusicEase purports to do chord analysis but IMO the chords which are generated are rat-shit.

Regards, John