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Posted By: GUEST,John in Brisbane
29-Nov-04 - 03:09 AM
Thread Name: Chords from a MIDI?
Subject: RE: Chords from a MIDI?
Hi Alex, I'm using V4.0. First Import your chosen MIDI file - ideally it needs to have chords in a discreet channel.

In the Tools Menu you'll find (hopefully) an option which is called 'Chord Recognition'. You then need to select the channel with the chords in it - ideally you've had a look beforehand using something like NoteWorthy Composer or it you're really lucky the author of the MIDI has named the contents of each MIDI channel.

Use the 'Measures' View to view your chords. Jammer Pro has a fairly steep learning curve, but is easy when you've used it a few times.

To repeat partially what I said above Jammer Pro will identify just about any chord that has been entered into the MIDI (including Bb Demolished with soy and double decaf) but the output is a pain to copy and paste in text form.

For the sake of posterity (and you've gotta be keen, so I won't articulate every detail), here's my process:

- Print the Measures with Chords to file as a .PDF file. Use the Jammer option which elects to NOT print the music staff.

- In Acrobat Reader use the TEXT Select Tool to Select and Copy the Text (bar numbers and chords).

- Paste the contents to your word processor or browser.

If you have further difficulties please let me know. In the interim I'll try and find a mutually accessible file with chord rhythm track that you could use to test the functionality - p'raps at Mudcat MIDIs.

Regards, John