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30-Nov-04 - 03:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bush..........the truth is out
Subject: RE: BS: Bush..........the truth is out
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I started realizing just how dumb America was getting when Married With Children hit the airwaves and Rush Limbaugh became really popular. I don't know if this is when it actually started or an end result. Shows about married couples who shouldn't be, and also shouldn't be allowed to procreate. Calenders that claim "America Held Hostage (day #).

I think perhaps it started as an honest attempt at equalization in the schools which deteriorated into the touchy feely "social promotion". Our kids realized that they didn't actually have to learn to move through school. Of course there's also the social stigma of being a "nerd", "bookworm", etc. and an acceptance of the dumb jock, airhead girl, stoned out rockers, etc. My Aunt taught in a Catholic school and used to have to deprogram the children at the beginning of the year using "Dis, dat, dem that they had adopted to fit in.

What I can't understand is how we males (as portrayed lately on TV) are bumbling morons who need constant supervision and yet we are the ones supposedly in charge?