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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
10-Nov-99 - 10:14 PM
Thread Name: Sale of DT intellectual property?
Subject: RE: Sale of DT intellectual property?
Lighten up. If you aren't selling something or intending to sell it, and somebody copies it and sells it, how has anybody lost anything. I'm glad Dick sees it this way.

You can paint my house and stick the painting on a Christmas Card (funny Christmas Card that would be), but I still live in it.

Anyway, whoever put this CDRom out has to be a folkie who's probably lurked around the Mudcat Cafe from time to time. How do we know they aren't planning to send any loot, over and above the costs involved, as a present to the Digital Tradition? If it was me (and it's not), that's what I'd do, and wouldn't most of us? Why take it for granted the next guy is worse than you are?