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Posted By: Jeri
01-Dec-04 - 02:56 PM
Thread Name: I visited Rick Fielding today...
Subject: RE: I visited Rick Fielding today...
Started out today sleeping way too late and having a bizarre dream that I remember all of. I remember possibly one dream a year. I looked at a calendar at one point, and realized it was Rick's birthday. It was weird I wasn't aware until then, because I usually know. Oh well...I'm getting on with things, I suppose, but I miss him too.

I think knowing him has made me a better person - a stronger one, at least. I think his example, though... I think it was the evil side, the one that pulled the pranks, that set up jokes, that did voices on answering machines and told horrible puns, the side that made people do double-takes on life, and ask that age-old question, the one asked by every great thinker that ever lived: "Huh? What the hell...?" that made Rick Rick. He made me question reality, and that's a good thing for someone who is a little bit too confident they know what is and what isn't.

In honor him, maybe we should each ask if something we believe about ourselves is really true: "I can't do that," "I shouldn't," "that's not who I am," "that IS who I am," "I need," "I want." Or maybe we should challenge what OTHER people think is real. Just remember, they're likely to try to get even.