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Posted By: Lizzie in SASSY SIDMOUTH!
03-Dec-04 - 09:48 AM
Thread Name: Raising Money to Save Sidmouth Festival
Subject: RE: Raising Money to Save Sidmouth Festival
Aha! My Very First Coward!

I see you've got your 'We Come to Bury Sidmouth Not to Praise Her! T shirt on! Move along and try to kill another festival please!

And PLEASE DON'T sit there and DARE to type that you once loved Sidmouth!

As you're the first coward in here, you've won today's Special!......I'm sending you a new T-shirt to wear! It's got 'I'm a Sidmouth Festival Lover Hypocrite' on! Wear it well for it will really suit you!! :0) :0)

Please don't take offence, but as this is my thread I just feel a lttle more as if I can really let rip about 'some' so-called Sidmouth Lovers!!

Please feel extremely welcome to return however, if you've any uplifting financial suggestions, otherwise, just go on the Sidmouth + or - thread and leave your opinion there.

And tonight, as you go to close your eyes, just think back and remember what Sidmouth DID actually mean to you and how you are now prepared to run away at high speed, when it needs you most! Urrggghhhh!!!! People like you make me just SO ANGRY!!!

It's funny, I always thought that just maybe EDDC would be the ones to kill Sidmouth off, or even the grumpy people in my town, but NEVER IN A THOUSAND YEARS DID I EVER think it would be the so-called Siddy Lovers themselves who would try SO hard to do it!

My God! I feel SO ashamed of you! Maybe it IS a good job you didn't leave your name after all!!!!