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Posted By: Lizzie in SASSY SIDMOUTH!
04-Dec-04 - 08:16 AM
Thread Name: Raising Money to Save Sidmouth Festival
Subject: RE: Raising Money to Save Sidmouth Festival
Hi Eric! (Hello You!) I'm almost feeling too sad to mention Show of Hands today! Can you believe that?!!!!!

To risk losing this precioius, precious festival just fills my heart with tears! I make no excuses for losing my temper about Sidmouth for I've come to realise just what it signifies!

It's this TERRIBLE attitude that gets to me so badly! I do appreciate some of the points above and I too find some of them immensely interesting. But EDDC is not just cutting back with the Festival, every week something else goes down, a few weeks ago it was £400,000 off the Disability Budget, EVERYTHING is being pared down to the bone!

Why does this Wretched Government dictate that every Council must be Online, at vast cost, but they only pay a fraction of the cost towards it? Why are there all these crazy Health And Safety Rules? Why are there new re-cycling regulations from Above, but again no money to pay for it? Why the Licensing Act that is killing our music and our Festivals? WHY? WHY? WHY?

But MOST of all, WHY do we as a Nation and as individuals put up with it??? What has happened to us all that we all just lie down and take it?

It's just NOT good enough to stand there and say The King is Dead..Long Live The King! It's appalling to not be content to gently watch, as people try to bring Sidmouth back to life, but to actually step forward and Plunge the Sword in! In fact it's UNFORGIVABLE!
(And I hope that Ian Anderson reads this!!!!)

Yes! The businesses need to pull their finger out! As to the people of my town, loads love the festival, but Sidmouth has a HUGE amount of
very, very elderly people, just getting to the end of the day and still being alive is a major achievement, they have nothing left for anything else! It's not their fault!

Help needs to come from ALL OF US! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US! And if you can't be bothered or think Sidmouth doesn't matter then just move on and leave Sidmouth to the people who DAMN WELL DO CARE! I have no respect for you or this 'Let's Kill Sidmouth Campaign!

I'll again put down the words that to me are the only words I want to read on the seered site, they are from Steve Heap:

.......< So to the 51st Sidmouth in whatever style it may take, I would ask you to support the Festival, support the organisers whoever they be, keep this great tradition alive and well for as long as you can and make it your gift to your children so that Sidmouth celebrates with a Festival forever.>........

Well, I'm damn well going to try and save it for my children!

All I'm asking is for people to stand alongside, to stand up and be counted, to get behind the Organisers, to try and think of ways forward!

I too am a realist, but I'm not a fatalist! We choose which paths to take and what we make of our lives. It's all basicallly up to us!
Sidmouth's future lies with each and every one of us and what we choose to do!


PS Show of Hands 4 Ever!! :0) :0) (Just to cheer you all up!)