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Posted By: breezy
04-Dec-04 - 01:39 PM
Thread Name: Raising Money to Save Sidmouth Festival
Subject: RE: Raising Money to Save Sidmouth Festival
If any club or festival requires independant funding and fails to repay what is inherently a loan then its not very good at doing business.

If outgoings exceed income and a loss is made ,then thats not good economics.

If the council tax payers are pouring money down the drain then dont be surprised if the the funding stops.

If the town benefits financially from making an investment then it will continue to fund, if not ,then the funding will end.

There is no right to be funded, if you need capital then take out a loan and be prepared to re-pay it, with interest regardless.

How much did the average attendee pay for tickets and in admission fees to attend Sidmouth last year?
Do some people ever go to festivals and hang on the fringe going to mainly free sessions?
Do free sessions clash with organised festival events?