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Posted By: Blowzabella
04-Dec-04 - 03:23 PM
Thread Name: Raising Money to Save Sidmouth Festival
Subject: RE: Raising Money to Save Sidmouth Festival
Lizzie - believe me, I do understand how frustrated you are.

I am in a difficult position myself, as someone who is connected with a festival which is also having likely to have its Local Authority funding pulled. It is a little more tricky in my case, because the festival I speak of has, for the last xx years been organised by the local authority and they have met 2/3 of the costs. The organisers (of which I am one) are actually employed by said local authority. You will, perhaps begin to understand why my position is difficut.

I agree, it is so frustrating when something that you know is so good - and I do mean SO good - for people, as an educational tool, as a means of breaking down boundaries, as an economic development measure - all of those things - and (from my personal point of view) as something I have slogged over for nearly two decades of my life) - is threatened with cessation. All the stuff about atmosphere, friendships etc are all true. Festivals also have an uncanny way of taking over an (arguably) large portion of one's life - including mine. It has, undoubtedly, taken precedence, at times when, perhaps it shouldn't (ask my brother, whose wedding I didn't attend, cos it clashed!)

If the political will isn't there in whichever town is meant to support the Festival, it is going to be very very tough. I do, however, wish all of the new organisers the very best of luck and sincerely hope that they succeed - as does the previous organiser, who is clearly a magnanimous (?) person.

If the one I am involved with folds, I will be very sorry indeed. And I know that a lot of people will miss it very much. I can take some consolation from having being involved in something which has meant such a lot to so many people. But it is small consolation. Spare a thought too for how Steve Heap and the other organisers are feeling about Sidmouth. Some people might well have put so much effort into keeping the 'old' event going that they have neither the energy or inclination to be too vocal about 'the new kids on the block'.
I am aware this probably makes not too much sense - I'm on strong painkillers - hurt my back (sorry if I'm burbling)

I can see you have loved attending Sidmouth Lizzie and I hope you get to attend many more. I'm burbling - sorry everyone....