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04-Dec-04 - 04:52 PM
Thread Name: DTStudy:Capt Calls All Hands/Bold Privateer
Subject: RE: DTStudy:Capt Calls All Hands/Bold Privateer
The version in Sam Henry is mentioned in the Traditional Ballad Index:


Fare you well, lovely Ellen, it is now we must part,
Must I leave you behind me, the true love of my heart?
I must leave you behind me, and all I hold dear,
Once more to go a-roving on the Bold Privateer.

The French they are treacherous, right very well you know,
Did they not kill their own poor king not so very long ago?
You had better stay at home with the girl that loves you dear
Then to roam the wild ocean in the Bold Privateer.

Our boat lies on the strand and our ship lies in the bay,
Farewell, my dearest jewel, for I can no longer stay,
Our ship she lies a-waiting, so fare you well, my dear,
I must now go on board of the Bold Privateer.

There is now one can tell me what hazards you may run,
So many have been slain since this cruel war's begun,
You had better not go and leave your Ellen here,
For I dread to see you leaving in the Bold Privateer.

Fear naught, lovely Ellen, I fain would with thee stay,
But gold I must gather for our wedding day,
We will soon beat down the pride of the lofty mounseer,
And will soon let then know she's the Bold Privateer.

Then since you are a-going, good luck attend to thee,
May kind heaven protect you wherever you may steer,
And send you safe back in the Bold Privateer.

Now the prizes we have taken are from France and from Spain,
And my true love at home, she shall share the gain,
And when the wars are over I'll return unto my dear,
And go no more a-roving on the Bold Privateer.

With music, pp. 297-298, "Sam Henry's Songs of the People," 1990, Univ. Georgia Press.