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Posted By: emily b
11-Nov-99 - 05:54 PM
Thread Name: Brazilian vs. Indian Rosewood
Subject: RE: Brazilian vs. Indian Rosewood
This is a very interesting discussion. I don't even play a stringed instrument but I read it all. My husband is the one who plays guitar and he works with wood. He is intrigued by catspaw's comment about "Bolivian" rosewood not existing. He tells me that wood stores here in Houston are selling wood labeled "Bolivian" rosewood. Can someone out there enlighten us on this. If it isn't Bolivian rosewood, what it is? Does anyone have a latin name for it? We have an 1896 Martin made of Brazilian that has had a terrible repair job sometime in its life but per Martin, 1896 wasn't such a good year anyway. We're thinking about getting some constructive surgery done on it so at least it will be playable again.