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Posted By: Alice
11-Nov-99 - 07:54 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Queen Mary's Escape / Arran Boat Song
Subject: Queen Mary's Escape / Aran Boat
I have found the sheet music at the Levy site for QUEEN MARY'S ESCAPE FROM LOCHLEVEN CASTLE, which is basically the tune for what is now called 'The Aran Boat' or 'The Aran Boat Song' or 'The Arran Boat'. There is also a mention on the harp list archive of a different tune sung by Calum Kennedy called 'The Arran Boat Song', in English.

The Kennedy recording is reportedly a different tune than Queen Mary's Escape (19th Century Scottish ballad). When I first heard this tune, I thought it referred to the Aran Islands and was Irish. Now I find it is a Scottish Ballad. Can someone explain the spelling (Aran or Arran) and does anyone remember Calum Kennedy's recording of a song with this title? Thanks.

We have already discussed the Aran Boat in an earlier thread. No need to refresh that one, please.

alice flynn