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Posted By: Lizzie in SASSY SIDMOUTH!
06-Dec-04 - 05:38 AM
Thread Name: Raising Money to Save Sidmouth Festival
Subject: RE: Raising Money to Save Sidmouth Festival
Just a quickie...then again, maybe not!!.... in answer to a few things above.

Countess: I realise that Steve Heap didn't start Sidmouth, but he has been in charge of all the wonderful festivals that I've lived through!

*Laura*: I'm NOT organising Sidmouth 2005 or 2006 and beyond, just needed to clear that one up. However 2005 is already being sorted out by a lot of hard working people who've had to endure a whole lot of ...rubbish being said about them, on this board and others and I think that is very, very wrong and highly dishonourable! So rest assured that Sidmouth 2005 is well under way!

Blowzabella: I SO hope that your festival doesn't go down too! You didn't mention its' name, but I'm interested to know what 'excuse' your local council have given you for withdrawing your funding too!
You sound like a Passionate Fighter! Well done you, pat yourself on the back! How I wish there were more people like you around!!!! :0)
Good Luck!

El Greko: Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated!! The guys down in Sidmouth's Acoustic Cafe are trying to get something together to raise some money for the Folk Festival, so hopefully, with a bit of local media coverage it might just start the ball rolling!! Whoooo! And thanks for the words about my children too, don't worry though, they're now both so strong and happy now! Best thing I ever did was take them out of school, kids just 'take off' when they learn because they 'want' to and not because they 'have' to! If only the Government knew that too!! Thanks again though! xxx

Chris Amos: Thank you SO much for your offer, what a Sweetipops you are! (You and El Greko! :0)...) If only there WERE another 999 people like you both out there! Wow!!! :0)

And finally:

Fiddler Andy: I know I've already replied to you above but I just think that you still deserve an extra Grrrrrrrrrrr........!!!!! :0)

Thanks to everyone else too!

Lizzie :0)