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Posted By: Ebbie
07-Dec-04 - 01:31 AM
Thread Name: Who influenced you to become a musician
Subject: RE: Who influenced you to become a musician
Interesting question. I'm sure that the love of and the need for music is inborn. Brought up the way I was, I didn't have access to much music- we didn't have radio or records, until I was in my midteens.

However, on Sunday evenings my father would collect all of us young'uns and we'd sit around the big library table with the stacks of black hymnals and we sang lustily- songs like Glory Gates (are ever open wide); Bringing in the Sheaves; Blessed Assurance- and a bunch of other songs I don't much care for. Even at that, it is a pleasant memory.

And I loved hearing the unison singing in our church and always listened for the silvery tones of this one woman. I learned all the songs that my older brothers and sisters brought into our home, songs by country artists like Elton Britt and Montana Slim (Wilf Carter). I taught school songs to the brother who was younger than I - White Coral Bells; We are Riding in the Morning; Music in the Air; That First Love of Mine- and that brother and I learned harmonica at the same time, the only musical instruments we were allowed. With the same harmonica, no less, We were somewhat under-indulged. *G*

So where did I get the idea that I wanted to make my own music? Other than harmonicas, I certainly never knew anyone who played an instrument.