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Posted By: Ebbie
07-Dec-04 - 02:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: Those damned reindeer!!
Subject: RE: BS: Those damned reindeer!!
Interesting article at Snopes. (Thanks, jeffp)

"Literary sleuths (such as Donald Foster) who believe Moore is not the true author of a "A Visit from Saint Nicholas" have theorized that the original reindeer names of 'Dunder' and 'Blixem' sounded odd to Moore because he knew German but not Dutch, and he therefore changed them to 'Donder' and 'Blitzen' (or failed to notice when someone else changed them). This makes sense in the latter case (as 'blitzen' is the German word for 'lightning'), but the explanation is oddly inconsistent in the former case — 'donner' is the German word for 'thunder,' so if Moore were familiar with German, why would he have retained the spelling of Blitzen's partner's name as 'Dunder' or 'Donder' rather than altering it to the more appropriate 'Donner'? "

Snopes Story