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Posted By: MaineDog
07-Dec-04 - 02:54 PM
Thread Name: Who influenced you to become a musician
Subject: RE: Who influenced you to become a musician
My Mom used to play popular songs on her piano, which was never moved outside of my grandmother's house, so that only happened once a year.
Otherwise, I listend to r&b and pop as we all did in the fifties.
In high school I started to roller skate, and discovered marches and waltzes, which led to Chopin, which led to classical music. Searching for an instrument that I could more or less teach myself to play, I discovered the recorder, and "early music", which of course is a source for folk music, which I discovered in the late sixties. After I began to dance I found that the recorder is appropriate for English Country dance music, and sometimes for Scottish country dance music. Time flies by, and now I often play in contra dance bands also, and of course, early music groups, and traditional music jams of all sorts.