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Posted By: fox4zero
12-Nov-99 - 05:33 PM
Thread Name: Balls cried the Queen, if I had two...
Subject: RE: Balls cried the Queen, if I had two...
These are lines from the great epic poem: T'was the night of the king's castration And the royal ball was coming off.

Balls said the queen, if I had t(w)o I'd be king. The king laughed because he had to, The queen cried because she wanted t(w)o

Where is the Queen, said the king. She's in bed with laryngitis. I'll kill that Greek bastard .

There are many other stanzas which are rather funny but too scatologic for me to repeat in public with- out preparation with Jack Daniels. I still remember all the verses even though I learned them 50 years ago

From PARISH with memories of an insufficiently squandered youth.

college 50 years ago.