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Posted By: GUEST,leeneia
10-Dec-04 - 04:06 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Deck the Halls / Cymraeg Nos Galan
Subject: Tune Add: Nos Galan - old tune
People have been talking about the history of Nos Galen, which is the Welsh name for the tune we know as Deck the Halls (or Hall.) I thought players might be interested in having this MIDI of the tune, which comes from the collection of John Parry Ddall, a Welsh harper born in 1710. He played the triple harp, which explains the B-flat. Showing off, no doubt!

I've sent the MIDI to Joe Offer for posting, and I hope it appears soon and someone conversant with abc converts it. The song sounds the same but different from Deck the Hall. It seems minor, yet the chords are not minor. I picture it being played in a rather sexy fashion, with percussion and more twoism than fourism to the beat.

If anybody indicates an interest in the chords, I will type them out. They are G,F, and C, with a lone Am in the fourth measure from the end.

Here's hoping this works and somebody wants to play it.

The original has a repeat for the second section (the last 8 measures) but I didn't put that in the MIDI. It's easier to put the two dots in yourself.

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