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Posted By: Bill D
11-Dec-04 - 08:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: Great phrases you know and use.
Subject: RE: BS: Great phrases you know and use.
"He wants a Winnie-the-Pooh blond....bare, with very little brain"

When you bump into someone and they say "Oh, am I in your way?"....the answer is "No, you're in MY way."
(one of my best!...properly delivered, you can stop 'em in their tracks)

"Ya' don't wanta do too good of a job...folks will begin to expect it.."
    Talkin' John (an old carpenter at my university)
usually followed by, "That's close ain't like they're gonna take pictures of it."

"Take all you want....take more than you want."
My ol' daddy-(said at the dinner table)

In answer to "When are you gonna have this done?"..etc., Daddy would say, "Next October, at four o'clock" (no, I don't remember what he said IN October..)

"Six dozen of the other" a perfectly clear, but quaintly condensed version of "Six of one, half a dozen of the other"
Virgil Plute electrican at my Univ. (who had so many of these, we called them "Pluteisms")

"It'll feel better when it quits hurtin'."
(my 'ol daddy, reassure someone, usually a child)