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Posted By: catspaw49
13-Nov-99 - 01:26 PM
Thread Name: Brazilian vs. Indian Rosewood
Subject: RE: Brazilian vs. Indian Rosewood
LMAO....I was never trying to beat around the bush Michael, although that is a favorite pastime...........I just tend to believe that the BRW/IRW question is so close that its barely significant.

The differences between the Spruces is more noticeable by far. And BTW, Dana Bourgeois, who I really do consider to be one of the best luthiers anywhere, has had better success with Morado for backs and sides than he has with IRW, much closer in all ways to BRW. The greatest difference is between the rosewoods/morado and mahogany or maple obviously. Most builders agree that rosewood tends to be better balanced, but mahogany has much clearer trebles and basses which makes the instrument stand out when played with other instruments like banjo, mandolin, etc.......which is why the D-18 is so popular in Bluegrass.

Glad you started this thread man........I thought we'd blown most of the instrument topics, but this led us in a few other ways.