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14-Dec-04 - 05:56 PM
Thread Name: Origins: I Bought Me a Cat / Fiddle-i-Fee
Subject: RE: Lyrics to I Bought Me A Cat
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I bought me a cat

I HAD A WEE COCK (in the DT).

From folktrax:
COCKS AND HENS - "I had a little cock and he pleased me" Ch: "Here's luck to all my" - Cumulative Children's Song - ROUD#544 - R CHAMBERS PROS 1841 new ed p31-2 - HALLIWELL 1849 p263 "My Cock, Lily-Cock"- GREIG FSNE 1909-14 #149 "I haed a hennie" (Renfrewsh) - GREIG-DUNCAN 8 2002 #1666 p199-200 (2var/m) "I bocht a hennie" - SHARP School 6 p14 coll Hammond arr RVW - SHARP-KARPELES CSC 1974 #336 nn, Witney, Oxfordsh 1912 (similar to Frank Roses's version) "I had a little cock" - NOVELLO School Ser 6 1912 Hammond adapted for school & arr RVW - WILLIAMS FSUT 1923 pp284-5 #202 Mrs Martin, Bampton, Oxfordsh "Here's luck to all my C&H" 8v (w/o) - REEVES EC 1960 #42 p111 Hammond: S Gregory, Beaminster, Dorset 1906 (w/o) - HAMER 1967 p66 Nick Broad, Cornwall "I had a little cock" - HAMER GG 1967 pp66-7 Nick Broad, Cornwall "I had a little C" - TOCHER 14 1974 p210 "I had a wee hen" from Betsy Whyte - KENNEDY 1975 #297 p652 George Blackman 1954 "I bought myself a cock" - PALMER BHE 1979 #115 p191 "I went to market" from Derek & Dorothy Elliott who got it from John & Hazel Browell of Bradford Yorks - RICHARDS-STUBBS 1979 p147 from Walter Pardon "Cock-a-doodle-doo" (Cf Bermondsey Bill's version) --- RICHARDSON AMS 1927 p77 Appalachians "Bought a cow" -- see also FARMYARD SONG -- Wm J HAY rec by James M.Carpener John Knox House, Edinburgh 1928-9 #19 "I feed my cock under yon hill" - Frank ROSE rec by PK, Swinbrooke, Burford, Oxon 16/10/52 RPL 18687 "Here's luck to all my cocks and hens" - George BLACKMAN rec by Bob Copper Sussex 20/10/54: RPL 22735/ CAEDMON TC-1225/ TOPIC 12-T-198/ 027 "I bought myself a cock" - Bill BURNHAM (voc) & Bill FRENCH (voc/ piano) rec by PK, "Cock and Monkey" Bermondsey, London 3/2/54: RPL 21158 "Cock-a-doodle doo" - Frank PURSLOW rec by PK, Bampton, Oxfordshire 26/11/61 - Cyril TAWNEY: ARGO ZFB-4 1969 "I had a little cock" Cornwall - WATERSONS: TOPIC 12-TS-415 1981 Bradford -USA - Almeda RIDDLE rec Alan Lomax 1959: ATLANTIC SD-1350 1960- "The Pioneer Strain" broadcast introduced by Alan LOMAX, 1960 rec off air by PK: 902 "My Little Rooster" - "American Folksongs for Children" Mike & Peggy SEEGER (ROUNDER C-8001 2 parts) 1987 CASS-1225 "Bought me a cat"