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Posted By: katlaughing
15-Dec-04 - 04:03 AM
Thread Name: CapriUni's new Yule song: a little help?
Subject: RE: CapriUni's new Yule song: a little help?
I liked it better with the coal, as far as reading, but i like the idea of him stealing them away better. I think I'd like separate verses better, too. I also think YOU (so GOOD to see you posting and reading your wonderful creations!) can do it without getting specific on the gifts.

Have you ever read "The Fox and His Travels?" Not about Yule at all, but this reminds me of that story only because he has a bag with a bumble bee in it. He asks a 'goodwife" if she will watch his bag "while I go over to Sqwinton's(sp)," she agrees after promising not to look in his bag. Of course, she does, then has to replace the bee with a rat, I think it is. He comes back to get his bag, notices it is a bit heavier, travels on, goes through the same scenario, each time the goodwife replacing the rat, cat, etc. with something else, until it is a child! Finally the fox leaves his bag with a very busy goodwife who has no time to be curious until she is cooking pancakes for her children. They cry out for the delicious food, as does the boy in the bag, whom she lets out, replacing him with her BIG dog. When the fox decides to open his very heavy bag he is chased off by the family dog.

That's a rough synopsis as I haven't read it in years, but it used to be one our favs. I htought I might find it online, but no luck. I did find someone's apparently reworked version HERE. Anyway, the bag thing with bodies in them reminded me of it.**bg**

Love your title and the imagery of "bells on the wind!"