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Posted By: Leeder
15-Dec-04 - 01:37 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Aberdour in Sir Patrick Spens
Subject: Origins: Aberdour in Sir Patrick Spens
A friend of mine was wondering if anyone knows whether the Aberdour mentioned in "Sir Patrick Spens" is the one in Aberdeenshire or the one in Fife. (His ancestors came from the former.) Also, how is it pronounced? The rhyme with "o'er" doesn't seem to work with what he's been told is the current place name pronunciation.

And, yes, I've been away for a while. My wife has waged a battle with breast cancer over the past year, surgery, chemo, radiation and now Tamoxifen. It has been very distracting, especially since she had every unpleasant side effect available. However, her tests are clear at present, so as far as we know it's been a successful effort.