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Posted By: GUEST,Champagne carol's Extravagent SS
16-Dec-04 - 12:23 AM
Thread Name: BS: SECSY Silly Secret Santa/Santee Hints
Subject: RE: BS: SECSY Silly Secret Santa/Santee Hints you dipped into the Ouzo candy! Very good. Did it get you pissing drunk? I myself have been afraid to try that stuff given my last experience with Ouzo at a Greek Orthodox Wedding in 1993. What anasty hang-over Ouzo gives! Those candies are very popular at my spouse's office where they have big tins of them. I just thought they looked pretty and in the absence of champagne....

You know, you are probably right about meats and cheeses and such. Unless they are sent from the manufacturer or food seller, probably best to be avaoided although I don't know why Brtian would object to us sedning you our non-diseased beef. A bit touchy after the Mad-Cow incidents, eh? Just as well. The salami was rather large. ( those of you with dirty minds may ROFL now)

If she doesn't do milk, does she eat Chocolate? I hope so becuase I sent some which should be evident by now as it was unwrapped. If she doesn't do milk because of Lactose-intolerance, I believe that Chocolates and candies are usually well-tolerated.

Of ocurse if she just generally Intolerant of milk and prejudiced against it, that's another story. I can feel another Mudcate thread coming on about the evils of Milk Intolerance and how Milk is a tradition that must be oreserved even if Milk offends some people. You know, how all the great songs about Milk should stil be perfromed WITH MILK MUSTACHES mind you even if 'modern' non-milk enthusiasts don't understand why it is still done since it's a silly old tradtion whose time has passed..yada..yada..yada.

So, no Milk, no meat..
howsabout her hair..long? Short? in Between?

A sanat needs to know such things.

You've been very helpful Clr. Thanks ever so much. The elves have made note of this.

Champagne carol's Extravegant SS