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Posted By: Bobby Bob, Ellan Vannin
14-Nov-99 - 06:44 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Wren in the Furze (Chieftains)
Subject: RE: wren in the furze
The reference by W G Doody Jr to burying the wren fits in with the former tradition in the Isle of Man. After going round with the wren, it was then taken, amidst much mock lamentation and psalm singing and the like, and was at one time buried, with great ceremony, in the church yard.

Another former custom in the south of the Isle of Man is not dissimilar, but comes on 6 December. This involved 'Catherine's Hen', which was carried round in funereal style, and finally buried with all due ceremony.

It was an occasion for drink, and someone who got the worse for wear was said to have plucked the hen's feather. There was a brief song as well:

Kiark Catreeney marroo, kiark Catreeney marroo!
Gow uss y chione, as goyms ny cassyn,
As vermayd ee fo'n thalloo!

Catherine's hen is dead x 2
You take the head, and I'll take the feet,
And we'll put her under the ground.

Shoh slaynt,

Bobby Bob