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Posted By: GUEST,Chapagne Carol's slighty flustered SS
16-Dec-04 - 12:20 PM
Thread Name: BS: SECSY Silly Secret Santa/Santee Hints
Subject: RE: BS: SECSY Silly Secret Santa/Santee Hints try and ensure that maxim pressie arrive BEFORE the big day, I resisted waiting and including everyhting I have for the last bunch in one box..instead..I sent wahat was wrapped out today in a small box. If I manage to get it toegther enough to get the rest done, they'll go out tomorrow but perhaps not. I have been neglecting my other Santa duties in favor of carol. Time to please the folks in MY own country.

If my guesstimate is corect, Pressie box Three or two and half as the case may be, should arrive on or about the 24th if indeed you have postal service on that day. I stuck in another photo of myself so Carol can set up a household shrine to me and offer up prayers and inscense to my image.

Nothing very fabulous in this pressie box..just little bits of things here and there to amuse. it's not like Champagne carol is being showered with costly Pressies. They are just more little doodads for her to unwrap. Since I hadn't much to go on in terms of music, I didn't want to gobroke on CDs and find she hated what I'd sent. other mudcatters no doubt are getting very swell CDs. I sent carol one cd and it is used to boot. Don't want other mudcatters getting jealous now.

That drat reindeer hasn't made it back here yet after stopping off in Ampthill. He's probably found a Pub somehwere and is beating a bodhran out of time with his hoof and annoying the person who is trying to sing unaccompanied. No worries however, we've cut off his credit card so when he notices no more ale is forthcoming, he'll fly home.

There's till time to play and answer some of my questions, Cllr. I'll check back.

A very busy Santa