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Posted By: MuddleC
17-Dec-04 - 06:02 AM
Thread Name: December session in NW Leicestershire
Subject: RE: December session in NW Leicestershire
Well, it didn't start well, despite finding my way to Donithorpe I came across the Masons Arms.... wrong one, so using my homing instinct I drove off in the wrong direction.
Accosting some friendly natives, I was soon kerb-crawling around the wonderful traffic calming system and found the Turk's Head. Very carelessly someone had left it in a pub car park , probably the same someone who had left those mason's arms at the cross-roads. Minutes later, I entered the public bar, then it went downhill, as there was a widescreen telly showing some men kicking a round object about a field for no particular reason. I persevered though, ordered a pintmade ... and before I could pay, thee came the sound of clapping from the 'other' bar, unseen by me. So I asked the hostelier to kindly carry it through to the other side , where I would meet him.. having said this , I rushed outside of the pub to where my honed instincts said there would be a door... and there was... a locked door..! Making my way back into the public bar, I met the hostelier who had com out to fetch me, and show me the secret entance to the lounge bar hidden behind the coat rack..!
In that the other realm sat Lynn holding court, squirming about every 30 seconds in order to retrieve her disceet battery powered humming companion, yes, her mobile phone, and generally bouncing off the four walls like she was in a giat pin-ball machine. Soon I discovered the jewel of the nile basking in the glow of the bar lights, Old Rosie... I had found sanctuary.. real cider!!!
Oh yeah, there was some singing and .. and playing of instruments and stuff ..
got home about 1.30am ..(I went North instead of south)..excellent nonetheless!