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Posted By: open mike
17-Dec-04 - 07:05 PM
Thread Name: Christmas Message
Subject: RE: Christmas Message

Purchase organic and Fair Trade foods for holiday meals.
Avoid toxic PVC and excessive packaging in the gifts you buy.
Use reusable gift wrap instead of paper, like fabric or gift boxes.
Choose fashion over energy consumption:
Turn down the heat and put on a sweater.
Consider the types of businesses you are supporting
when you are shopping.
'Tis the season for giving:
Volunteer some time for your favorite cause.
Put your holiday lights on a timer to save energy.
Have them on only when you can really appreciate them.
Try a living potted Christmas tree (plant it outside in the spring). Or arrange some pruned branches, instead of chopping down a tree.
Your favorite charity will do more for the planet
with your money than a new holiday outfit will. Donate!
Humans are part of the environment too, and so being kind to the environment also means being kind to each other. Love is contagious, so pass it around.