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Posted By: kindaloupehackenweez
18-Dec-04 - 06:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: God or Not quiz
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
Sorry just an additional note: I also reconize Satan the devil and his right hand man MOJO and his side kick BAD MOON RISING.

What is it that makes us feel there presents in certain situations if they dont exist.

Interpation, Imagination, Mystical.????

Reminds me of a song:

Riding down the road happy and free, when this road ranger put a stop on me.

Said everybody knows country folk treat you right so you all can come and at least spend the night.

Singing Lord please make me happy singing lord please dont make me blue singing it lord lord lord please make me happy cuz i'm doing all these things for you,

Were all caught up here in this little cell, When all of a sudden i smell that smell, seems like Chris pulled out a big bag of weed and a friend with weed is a friend indeed.

singing it lord please make me happy +++++and so forth If there are more verses would you be so kind as to share them with me>>> I sing this quit frequent and it gets good response but im sure there are more than the 2 verses..And thous two are all i know and sing.

Know i'm really in the hole i asked for 2 cents and took 2 dollars
Is that a sin>>?? I guess it would be a lie. Or it would depend on the currency rate at the time per word or how many were use to convay
what wanted to be understood.