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Posted By: kindaloupehackenweez
18-Dec-04 - 09:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Oh what a beautiful morning:

I'd like to share a song i heard from the artist that painted my guitar case lids.(1978). Its done with a Irish Jig style, which goes.
Done about as fast as you can say the words:
C                              F                   G
Come on you jolly jumpers, and listen while i humm, as i relate to
you the story of the great american bum.
From east to west from north to south like swarms of bees to come.   
He sleeps in the dirt and wheres his shirts thats all dirty and full
of crumbs.
                              F                   G
Early in the morning when the due is on the ground the bum arrises
from his nest and he gazes all around.
From the mountain tops of the rockies to the rockman coast of maine
    G                                     C
i've wounder up to Canada and traveled down again.
Oh lady would you be kind enough to give me something to eat,
G                                              C
a piece of bread and butter,, a ten foot slice of meat, woo.
(slow down to a single strum / sign will be &)
I am a bum, a jolly good bum, i live like a royal terk.
    G/&          &
I have much luck, bumming my chuck,
(strum again)            C    G/C/C
God blesses the man who works.

Have a Great Day! For this is, "God's recreation of a new day"       (Dont remember who sang thous words but have it written down somewhere
"Morning has broken" is the first line.???Bewildered as usuall.(oops)

And last night was the last night of work for 2 whole weeks..
1st thing on my agenda is learn to play the song "the weight" by the "Band" and after that going to learn a song i was to have learned for a party a month or so back. Done by the group "WEEN" called "Piss up a rope" and after that "Stone temple pilots" "Plush" (acoustic version) I only know how to play by ear so it could take the whole two weeks. Did i mention i was tone deaf..David Allen Coe has a kitty cat song thats a hit pretty dirty thou. Still love to sing it for people one day soon. They get a kick out of it when he does it.?
Thank you for your time and thats mine. "KEEP ON JAMIN" 2 weeks woo!