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Posted By: kindaloupehackenweez
18-Dec-04 - 09:25 AM
Thread Name: BS: God or Not quiz
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
Thank you Dewey: I believe what you write. I know the answers are there and they'll come. Its just the waiding thru the mire and am tiring. Patience is a virture, but it's a vice to me. I know i must wait and not give up. "The Truth has away and always reveals itself" I just hope im still around when it does. Even thou i know its already there...somewhere...I'll get it..
For it is also said.."Better to be a late bloomer, than to have never bloomed at all" Yet "Time is of the essiance" Patience, Understanding and forgiveness. The Preacher preached while on horse back at a Mountainman Rondeavou, back some 10-15 years ago. It stuck with me. But yet with all the time that past my evolution is slower than molasses in January.   Thankyou again..What can i say I know its there just dont understand it....Peace...Dislexic/ADHD/to many years of unhealthy products..I wish i knew then what i know now..and its still not enough..will i ever get this sent you wounder. Yes i'm been on my way out to do the laundry for an hour now. Later..Peace.