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Posted By: *daylia*
18-Dec-04 - 11:02 AM
Thread Name: BS: God or Not quiz
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
Awesome, Donuel! Your "ornaments" are so timely too, thank you! Fractals present such inherent beauty and seemingly limitless creative potential that I'm wondering - does "Chaos Music" exist as a genre yet? If not, why not???

Funny, knowing that atheists score perfect on a quiz about spiritual truth fills me with this deep satisfaction. In fact, it delights me to no end! :-) So thanks for that too, and to all of you for sharing your thoughts and experiences, your insights and especially your humor here!

The other pair was 'experienced' versus 'cynical'. Cynical was stronger, they said; I chose experienced

I'd consider that a "glitch" in the quiz too, Ebbie.   

Oh, and this is for you, Dewey, so you know we're in good Company ...

"Ah, well, I am a great and sublime fool. But then I am God's fool, and all His work must be contemplated with respect."
- Mark Twain, a Biography