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18-Dec-04 - 12:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: God or Not quiz
Subject: RE: BS: God or Not quiz
mack, this is the Dedication from Dr. David Hawkins' 2001 treatise The Eye of the I

"Gloria in Excelsis! Deo!"

This recent interview with Dr. Hawkins clarifies his present position re Divinity and spirituality. A quote:

"MK: You say that there is a basic inner decision that allows one to have inner peace, despite all obstacles. What would that be?

DH: Surrendering everything to God as you envision it, and realizing that the way you see it is only perception, and asking God to reveal the truth to you. In a way it's like doing the Course in Miracles.

MK: Do you see our consciousness as being an extension of God, or do you view God as being something transcendent and somehow external?

DH: No, the God of my familiarity is intrinsic. The realization of the source of one's own existence is knowable as the subjectivity of awareness consciousness itself, and you begin to realize that your consciousness is not personal. Otherwise you could turn it on and off if you wanted to. The presence within – that is the source of one's own existence, the realization of God immanent. God transcendent can't really be known by people. They can only talk about it. They try to make him up there in heaven, or back there in history, as though you're separated from God. Inasmuch as God is omnipresent, that's not even a possibility."

And Dr. Hawkins apparently speaks for himself Live on the Web every Tues.