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Posted By: Susanne (skw)
18-Dec-04 - 06:46 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Unaccompanied (Harvey Andrews)
Subject: Lyr Add: UNACCOMPANIED (Harvey Andrews)
As it doesn't seem to bei either in the forum or the DT, let's add the lyrics here (hope I got them right, Harvey!):

(Harvey Andrews)

The hooter wakes me up to face the day again
I wish that it would bloody go away again
Monday's bad and Tuesday's worse
Wednesday, Thursday - just a curse
But Friday's payday, fill the purse
And pray again

My wife she's growing round the waist, we're wild again
The priest gives thanks that we've been blessed with child again
After five I said, No more
I'd never touch her, that I swore
But the priest says that's what loving's for
Beguiled again

They moved us to this bloody block of flats again
Before we'd been here long we had the rats again
The kids play on a piece of scrub
We haven't even got a pub
But the priest has formed a social club
Rush mats again

They built a special factory for work again
Said, It's a great job for you, don't shirk again
I stand around and tighten screws
And dream about a glass of booze
Whichever way you turn you lose
A burk again

The car's backed up, I can't afford repairs again
But the company's paid dividends on shares again
The bloody telly's on the blink
And something's blocked the kitchen sink
But the boss's mistress earned her mink
Upstairs again

The thirties are a memory for Dad again
He tells me it can never be that bad again
But from Jarrow and from Clyde they come
With silent hearts and muffled drum
We want the cake and not the crumb
We're mad again

(Self-explanatory, I should think, but the link given by Nigel provides some notes as well).