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19-Dec-04 - 01:56 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Ten Little Indians
Subject: RE: 10 Little Indians
I love it when people who obviously have no clue try to tell us what the most important thing Twain was saying was.

Why were "men" necessarily praiseworthy? Why was "good nigger" a better thing to say than "good man?" If he had said "rover is a good dog" would that have been higher praise than "stan is a good man?" No, and "he's a good Nigger" was not higher praise either. It was realistic for Huck to say this, but it was still racism and still classed Jim as a lower form of life.

I agree that a piece like Huckleberry Finn should not be censored. But I also think it's pointless to conceptually censor the past by saying "Good Nigger" was high praise back then! And it's ignorant to boot.