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Posted By: kindaloupehackenweez
19-Dec-04 - 08:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: Great phrases you know and use.
Subject: RE: BS: Great phrases you know and use.
Thank You So very much "Brucie". You should have see the expreshion
on my face after scrolling down and noticed what you have done for me.
I didnt see the exspression myself, but felt some immediant change of face as i damn near flipped over backwards in my chair...WAY TO COOL is the first thing that came to mind. 2nd was Thank you. 3rd was you saved me at least 3 days. 4th was UNPHUCKINGBELIEVEABLE...Oh geeee...shit....(just got over a totally numb staring at the monitor moment that lasted at least 30 seconds).

I KNEW this was my favorite thread..And i still know it....Many thanks
oh man. (Heres one)..

"One good turn, deserves another"????

Your one cool Cat. "No if, and, buts and joints about it"??

Yesterday i recorded that song back to back on a 90 minute tape and the cassette player played that song forever and its still playing,

"Gotta Go", "CHECK IT OUT" BLESS YOU, THANK YOU SO VERY VERY VERY MUCH.    later..kindaloupehackeweez..."FAR OUT" "SOLID" and "RIGHT ON"

"TOO COOL" THANK YOU BRUCIE....You made this cats day. MAN..