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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
20-Dec-04 - 10:56 PM
Thread Name: Guitar right hand technique
Subject: RE: Guitar right hand technique
Its not like classical music - theres no one right or wrong way.

Ralph McTell uses both fingers and flatpick expertly, but theres few who can match him in this. Having said that he doesn't really go infor those percussive lead breaks that are only obtainable with a flat pick.

I take the point about volume in clubs and sessions. Derek Brimstone for example plays with a full set of metal fingerpicks.

I have noticed that many people who describe themselves as Martin Carthy devotees are astonishingly ignorant about the complexities that his style embraces. This is because is because they hear him unamplified - and it is quite difficult to see the whole technique in this way. I think if he were recorded and performed with as big a guitar sound as Ry Cooder - people would be astonished at what they were hearing and seeing.

the best advice I could give anybody is to pay attention to whats around. decide what you would like to achieve , and then get all the sdvice you can, and then go for it.