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Posted By: kindaloupehackenweez
21-Dec-04 - 05:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
I got the words to the song. "The Weight" There were 2 differant referances i looked at. Now i'm sure you all tryed playing a song out of a music book. Ever find one where you still had to find the missing chord to make it sound as the orginal? C-Em-F-C (verse) with
C-Em-F-C (Chorus) was one A-C#m-D-A (verse) with A-E-D-A-D (Chorus) was the other. Tryed the capo thing, Now am digging thru 20 year old Instructions books:

And once again faced with the reality that there are 12 differant keys and each key has at least a half dozen differant chords that can interchange and were not even into the bar chords YET.

But a bit of trivia that was noted in the one book that may strike you cats as of interest>Which is:

"That you can translate the Bible into any language with only 700 words: Followed by the 48 chords positions in the following 14 pages are equivalent to the 700 words.

Thought the BS might interest you unlike the lengthy runones i send.

Although theres a dictornary in my lap and today managed to finish coping the words to "Plush", Piss up a rope, and Kitty Kat. Along with cutting up the turkey i got from work at Thanksgiving and have it soaking in "Grandpa Phuckers" Original Homemade jerky marinade.
He used to make some pretty good rubarb and plum wine.

Oh and thanks for the compliment Brucie! (Phrases thread). If i can make one of you cats smile with my foolish anticks,.It's worth it.

"We're not normal if were not certifiable" (?) (my own maybe)

"We're all here cause we're not all there" (Aerosmith)

Damit i was going to close with a "Dam improvement has been shown"

For now i use a dictornary, Am studing Chords and Keys, and was going to throw in and sticking to the topic of the thread. But screw'd that up. Along with not being able to keep these bites short.

O Hell 2 for 2, (Halfway there Mudcats).

I'd love to ramble on but find myself looking in the dictornary way to much. Ya all have a good one., "See ya in the funny papers"